Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where to Donate

My little widget seems to be MIA SOOOOOO

Only 11 days left to donate and get me to my fundraising GOAL!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Selling my Body for Charity

Yes, that's right folks, I'm selling my body for charity. Obviously, not in the "traditional" sense (please, I'd make about a quarter if I was). But I am willing to "sell" you a body part the day of the marathon, on which I will write whatever* you wish.

Note my little asterisk? Here's the rules:

1. This offer is valid on new donations only. The point is to raise MORE money. Sorry, those who have already donated. I still love you-and appreciate the money you have already given me.

2. It has to be concise. Yeah, I've got some surface area on this body, but I'm not looking to write the Declaration of Independence or the lyrics to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" on my thigh.

3. Keep it rated G to PG. And nothing mean, derogatory, etc. Its not sportmans-like. And it's just not nice. But I doubt I'm friends with you if you are mean anyway.

4. I will not write anything about a sports team UNLESS the team is Boston based-and POSITIVE things ONLY. Come on people, I'm going to have enough trouble running this thing, I don't need to run with a black eye for writing "Yankees Rule, Red Sox Suck" on my upper arm.

That's it, not too hard. Anyone who is interested, my body is for sale for a minimum donation of $26.20 (or MORE obviously)

You want to advertise your company? Use my calf.

You want to ask your girlfriend to marry you? I've got a nice shin at your disposal.

Do you need a more "lucrative" body part? Oh yeah, let's negotiate....