Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dos Amigos Fundraiser!

I'm having a fundraiser this Wenesday, March 23rd at Dos Amigos Burritos in Dover, NH. I'm also having a kick-buttocks raffle if anyone would like to buy tickets but cannot attend. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 10. Email me at if interested.
The list of raffle items can be found here

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Below Fundraiser

This upcoming week, February 19th-26th, Five Below in Newington, NH will be having a fundraiser to help GoKids Boston. 10% of sales will go to the charity, if you have THE FLYER.
Flyers are a pain because it means the majority of the people will already be people you know who you gave the flyer to. Oh well-so if you are someone I know, feel free to hand out as many flyers as you can to people I dont know.
You can print out your own copy of the flyer here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Fundraising

75 days until the Boston Marathon. Gulp. I'm a *tad* behind in the fundraising department, but February is chockfull of events, so I hope to up my game (and my donations) this month
1. Superbowl Squares for CHARITY-Come on, we all know every one does squares for the Superbowl, so why not help kids in the process? Here's the breakdown:
go to:
BEFORE the big game on Feb 6th. Pick a square-$20 each. Pay by either cash, check or credit card here
and state in the comments its for Squares). Sit back and wait for your chance to make $500. Cash Prizes are as follows:
First Quarter Score = $125.00 (12.5% of winnings)
Half Time = $250.00 (25% of winnings)
Third Quarter = $125.00 (12.5 % of winnings)
Final Score = $500.00 (50% of winnings)

Can't get better than that, folks. Half of the pot will go to my fundraising efforts. Everyone wins. The end.

2. My Lia Sophia party. So I picked a really poor date to have this-I guess its the night of the Horne Street School band concert, so that just ruled out about 95% of the people I invited. Boo for me. BUT people can STILL order through the website at Lia Sophia website 50% of the sales will go to GoKids Boston! And the jewelry is beautiful.
And I'm still having the party. So what if I have to eat all of the cheese and crackers by myself.

3. Five Below-The Five Below store in Newington, NH is giving me an entire week where I will receive 10% of the sales if people bring in the GoKids Flyer, which I will post here and on FB when the time gets closer. The dates are Feb 19th- 26th, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm

4. Chuck-E-Cheese Fundraiser-Another great fundraiser that requires a flyer, so again, I'll post when the time is closer. Feb 24th, starting at 3pm-the Chuck-E-Cheese in Newington, NH.

March has my big Spring Fling Workout Extravaganza, which will be held in Guilford, CT. My AWESOME sister is putting this on at the Guilford Park and Rec, where you can attend a workout class (or many) and all of the $ raised will be going to GoKids Boston. Woo hoo!! March 5th. And there is going to be a kick butt raffle, filled with the most amazing items donated to me by fitness personalities, running companies and other health related groups.

Phew-it hasnt even started and I'm already tired! And somehow, I need to keep running 40 miles a week in addition to everything else :)
A big thanks to everyone who has supported my fundraising efforts thus far!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friday, December 17, 2010

First GIveaway!!

As I posted before, many companies have been so generous with donating items for me to give away, in order to raise money for GoKids Boston. One of the first companies to respond was Bondi Band ( and they sent me 4 Bands to give away! All 4 are very awesome-one is Boston specific, one is marathon specific and the other 2 are just gorgeous patterns. Spidey looks awesome sporting the Boston one.

The motto of Bondi Band is "No slip, no drip." They are stretchy, breathable headbands that fit every head size, all while helping to prevent that nasty, salty sweat from dripping right into your eyes when you run. And they look so great! I own 2 of them and my 7 year old loves to wear them as regular headbands to school as well.

So..anyone who makes a donation between 12/17-12/24 will be eligible to win the one of the 4 Bondi Bands pictured. Doesn't matter the donation size either!

Winner will be picked at random from all donations (on and off line) and will be posted here next week. To make a donation, please go to:
Please feel free to share with your friends!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Much Going On!

Wow, you would have thought I would have learned last year NOT to try to jump right into fundraising in the middle of trying to get ready for Christmas. BUT I did-and I have been receiving so many wonderful items to raffle off! I cannot believe the generosity of companies-especially running related ones. So each week, I plan to offer one of the donated items to a lucky winner. How do you enter? Great question! Any donation made to my page (, no matter how small, will be entered into the drawing. I hope to start this week-I will post a picture of the item that will be available. And of course, if you could spread the news via Facebook or Twitter, that would be appreciated too!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again

Yes, I am running the Boston Marathon-again. I know, I know-I said over and over how hard fundraising was. I said it was easier to train for 26.2 miles than to raise money. So then, why the heck am I doing it again? Here's why:

I haven't stopped thinking about the marathon. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the entire experience-the expo, the race itself, the crowds, the feeling of complete and utter accomplishment. I also think about how I asked a volunteer if I could sit down in the wheelchair for just a minute because I hadn't sat for 5 hours. But I quickly stop thinking about that.

My marathon jacket hangs on the back of the chair I sit in every day. The background on my work computer is a collage of marathon pictures. And since my basement is not finished yet (going on 8 years, but who's counting?), I have no place to hang my shadowbox filled with my bib, my medal and my timing chip-so every day, someone inevitably knocks it over and I yell, "Be careful! That's important to me!"

I was on the fence for signing up just because of the stress of fundraising. I had exhausted my friend's bank accounts, and I'm pretty sure at least 20 people "defriended" me on Facebook because they were tired of hearing about it. But when the Facebook post came that read, "GoKids Boston team is full" my heart sank. This is the last year GoKids Boston is eligible to be a charity for the marathon and I really thought I lost my last chance. I decided to apply just in case there was an opening, figuring this would be a sign that it was meant to be-and sure enough it came through!!

Ok, so now that I am running again, I've committed to raising $3700. I completely understand I have tapped out all of my friends last time. But I also know many people have asked if there are other ways to help. So in conjunction with some friends and family members, we have brainstormed a list of ways people can help, if a direct donation is not possible. And remember, brainstorming is a judgement free zone, so no poo-pooing any of the suggestions!

1. Show support! Ask me how training is going, how much money I have raised, etc. If you have a fundraising idea, I want to hear it! This little step is what got me through last time. When you are tired and overwhelmed, having someone ask about what is going on is often just what you need to get your spring back in your step. To know people are thinking about me and my journey is important to me. So please send well wishes!
2. Attend events. Sure you are still spending $, but you are getting a direct benefit from it, such as a tasty dinner or a Pampered Chef item. If you are going to dine out or buy cooking supplies anyway, you can do it through me AND support my charity!
3. Provide any leads you may have. Do you work somewhere that might be willing to donate merchandise or a gift certificate for me to raffle off? Do you know of a restaurant owner who would help me hold a fundraiser? Are you a business owner and would like to provide me with something to raffle off? All of this is SUPER helpful!
4. Showcase your talents! Are you crafty? Do you knit, make jewelry or can stamp 50 greeting cards in less than 5 minutes? (is that even physically possible?) All of these things make GREAT raffle items and I'd love anything to raffle off. I especially like them because I love homemade stuff myself :) (Wait, I'm not going to keep the stuff myself, I swear.)
5. Spread the world about my fundraising. I'm sure many strangers aren't going to be overwhelmed by my story and donate to my cause. But if you post on FB there is a fundraiser at Friendly's Monday night, someone who may already be planning a night out may choose this restaurant over another.
6. Hold a party and donate the hostess credit. Ok, this one's a stretch, but you never know. Many at-home parties are willing to give the hostess money towards a charity verses hostess dollars or rewards. I know Pampered Chef does it, as well as Silpada. Don't like having the actual party at your house? Host a catalog party! I'm also happy to "give back" so if you or a friend works for an at-home party catalog, contact me! I'd rather use a consultant I "know" verses someone I don't.
7. Make a direct donation. I know, I said this was a list about NOT making a direct donation, but when it comes down to it, it's easy and involves little work on the part of the donor. So for those of you that can directly donate, I thank you!

Once again, I really, really appreciate everyone's support. I keep reminding myself its not the destination, but the journey!
Keep the fundraising ideas coming!!