Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flatbread Company Fundraiser

I am not lucky. My sister is, though. She's the kind of person who finds $20 in her old coats. I am the one who loses $20 because I have a hole in my old coat. But this time, I was lucky.
Starting to get a bit more panicky about my fundraising, I decided to get my butt in gear. (or as I have been known to say, "get on the mother.") I went to Margaritas to discuss having one of their "Blue Moon Madness" fundraising events, but I guess I needed to be a visionary and booked this ahead of time, as they are booking well into 2012.
I know the Flatbread Company (which I think everyone calls Flatbread Pizza, even though it isn't really the name) holds benefit nights, as the New Hampshire Dietetic Association holds one yearly. I decide to call.
Once the perky young lass answers the phone, I explain my situation and seem already apologetic by saying to her, "and I'm sure you are probably already booked up."
"Well, today is your lucky day! Jan 19th we happen to have an opening as someone backed out." (mind you, I am thinking, "Who backs out of a fundraiser?!?")
"SOLD! I will take it!!!"
Miracles do happen. Of course, so do fires. I did find out today that there was a fire in the building on Saturday. According to the paper, they are to re-open this week. Let's hope my lucky streak continues.
As it stands, you should get your pizza loving family to Flatbread Company in Portsmouth on Jan 19th between 5 and 9pm and order pizza (take out counts!) No flyer needed, just come with your family and friends and have a good time. I'm going to be scrambling this week to get items to raffle to try to raise some more money as well. If you have anything to raffle-whether its an item or a service-please let me know!!
As always, I thank you!

Status Update

Let's see, now where were we?
Ability to stay on top of updating my blog: Very Bad
Ability to stay on top of the ever growing pile of laundry: Terrible
Ability to stick to my Boston Marathon training program: Excellent

At least I can do something right. And laundry gets done when I've exhausted my supply of sports bras. However, I have also been known to just go and buy more, because its easier.

Boy, lots has happened since my last post. I am officially running the Boston Marathon as part of the GoKids Boston group-aptly titled-the Motley Crew. I just finished week 6 of my 20 week training period and I haven't missed a run yet. I've also taken it up a notch, really adding hills into my training because I dont want to look like an asshat in Boston. I've named myself Hills Hetrick, in a poor, poor attempt to motivate myself to include hills in most workouts. So far, so good. I think this extra kick in the pants is what lead me to finishing a 10K that I ran on Jan 1st in 58 minutes, the first time I've ever cracked a hour.

I've been to 2 GoKids meeting so far and they have been great. Too bad my sense of direction isn't, causing me to be a half hour late to the first meeting. The first one focused on fundraising and this last one focused on injury prevention. I don't stretch, its a well known fact. But this meeting did sway me into buying a foam roller to help with injury prevention-almost like a self massage (dont be gross, get your head out of the gutter). My sciatica is thanking me for this purchase.

One of the most stress-inducing part of this process hasn't been the training. It has been the fundraising. I sent out a "hey I'm running the Boston Marathon, please oh please send me money" letter with my Christmas cards, and I was completely overwhelmed by the response. I raised over $1000 alone from just this (I have awesome friends and family). Ok, still have $2500 to go. I've got some ideas, but if anyone who reads this is a man (or woman) with a plan, I am all ears.

Other than that its sleep, eat, run, beg for money, repeat.